Nouman Tahir
Technical Project Manger at Collaborizm | Android/iOS Contractor
Nouman Tahir
Technical Project Manger at Collaborizm | Android/iOS Contractor
· Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Data Parsing Expert required for a U.S. based investment company

Need someone take on an on-going project of parsing a number of files (10+) that follow different patterns. The patterns follow different schemas, some are html based, some are just “tab” separated tables. There are around 10 patterns to develop script for and there are number of other files to parse that will follow similar pattern but that will be a different on-going project.

IMPORTANT: Applicants must complete this assessment

Applicant Must

  • Have recent data parsing experience using regular expressions or other ETL techniques.
  • Write a few lines describing why you are the right person for the job.
  • Share some relevant project details you have done the past.
  • Share your precise availability.

Job Type
Hourly | Remote | Part-Time | Urgent

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Ranjan Dailata
Solution Architect. Collaborizm Roundtable.
· Mysuru, Karnataka, India

I am more than happy to take this job as a challenge in building innovative solutions for data parsing.

  • Don’t have much experience in ETL but I do everything via code C#, Node.js you name it.
  • If you are considering me, think of me delivering a precise and feasible mechanism to parse data in any industry formats. No matter how big the file is or any such restrictions. I have dealt with these aspects over the years
  • Working for a health care companies over 10 yrs, I worked on processing claims, handling big data, health quality reporting using various data sets as feeds which includes processing flat files and other industry formats such as HL7, XML, FHIR.
  • I am comfortable in doing this tasks after office hours. I can spend 2 hrs/day including weekends.

I am a heavy data scrapper too, that’s my primary interest and have built my own personal data crawlers in the past. I’ve heavily used the below ones for HTML parsing


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Vikramaditya Kokil
FullStack Developer
· Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hi Nouman, i have 3 years of experience with javascript and Node.js. i have written lots of regular expressions for matching. I have also extensively used VerbalExpression for some of my past projects.
I have done some scraping projects in past using cheerio. I can contribute 2-3 hrs per day for this project.


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