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Collaborizm Gig Success Stories

Featured Collaborizm Freelance Success Stories

Bucket List Android and IoS App

Technologies Used: React Native, Firebase, REST,

Derek drama had a dream app idea, and now it’s built. And he did it for $550. Full stack. High performant. The SAME tech stack FACEBOOK uses!! Arriving on all app stores in upcoming weeks!

Travel App

Jarrad Bowe builds an extraordinary Android Application using Collaborizm gigs.

Technologies Used: REST API, React.js

TJC Ventures Fishing Drone Prototype

Technologies Used: Custom drone kit. Telemetry. GPS. Mechanical Design.

Internet of Things Desk Paperweight

Technologies Used: Raspberry Pi 3, Node.js, Mongo DB, Mixpanel, REST

Freelance Harsha Alva helps Project Leader Steven bring his dream Internet of Things idea to life: A Paperweight for your desk that displays business event data stream in real time. Never lose track of your key metrics again!

The Dog Horoscope Android App

Technologies Used: Android Native, Java

Top Freelancer, Tejas Ozorkar, a web and android developer, helps Matt Feinstein build his dream app idea – an app which matches you to your ideal dog breed based on your personality traits. A great tool for prospective dog owners!

The Pizza Drone

Technologies Used: CAD, Blender, AutoDesk, 3D Printing

Project Leader commissions CAD design for different elements of his custom drone by tapping into the Collaborizm Freelance pool. The device has been 3D printed and is fully functional.

3D RPG Game Enhances its Character Designs with Illustrative Talent

Technologies Used: Master Illustration, Adobe Illustrator

Project Leader commissions top illustrator, Carlos Puentes, to aid with video game character designs for his Unity 3D Game.

Wall E Robot Accelerates its CAD Design

Technologies Used: Mechanical Design, Mechanical Animation

Sandhan Sharma was able to get complex CAD work done to overcome difficult design challenges with his Wall-E Robot!

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