Garison Plourde
Freelance Graphic & Web Designer
Garison Plourde
Freelance Graphic & Web Designer
· Travelers Rest, SC, United States

[email protected] | 864.752.7610 | GarisonPlourdeDesign.com |

Hello, Collaborizm community!

I’m a solo freelance designer based out of SC in the United States. I work with business owners, agencies, and non-profits to design digital and print materials. If you’re looking for a balanced designer who knows the constraints of pixel and paper, I’m your man.

I specialize in layout design, from web graphics to flyers and brochures. I also design websites and manage web content. I’m familiar with HTML, CSS, and responsive design. I’m still getting my head around CSS Grid — I guess we all are. For themed sites, I mainly work with WordPress and Squarespace. For truly custom web design, Collaborizim seems like the perfect place to join a remote team and hand off work to a more experienced developer. I formerly took on that role in my 3 years as a Junior Designer in a web design studio.

See my portfolio: https://garisonplourdedesign.com/portfolio. My home page client reviews will give you insight into what it’s like to work with me.

In running my business I want to:

  1. Be humble, but not a doormat.
    I listen carefully and learn as much as I can about my client’s identity, problems, goals, and desires. But at the end of the day, I’m being consulted for my skills and knowledge. Being a creative means that my input and initiative are core aspects of the service I offer.

  2. Communicate clearly and often.
    Design projects don’t happen in a cave — unless you’re a caveman artist. Communication is a two-way street. This includes how I present my solutions, explaining the rationale behind my decisions — an underrated skill for a designer. It also includes timely and constructive feedback from my clients. I try to ask good questions before and during projects. And I follow-up vigilantly.

  3. Meet deadlines, or die trying.
    I’ve heard there are freelancers who have trouble managing their time. Don’t work with them. Their work may be impressive, but you needed it done yesterday!

Tell me about your project. Let’s work together:
[email protected] | 864.752.7610

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