Anton Voltchok
Software Engineer & Design Lead at Collaborizm
 · New YorkU.S.
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Hey I’m glad you decided to give that task I posted a try! Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

Javascript is a funny language , but it is what powers the Internet these days and if you happen to learn the web stack I could see it being extremely helpful in producing some of the great ideas you come up with.

I know I listed CodePen as an IDE to try, it really isn’t a real IDE but for in browser / quick setup and code testing its pretty good. I would recommend however that you start with BRACKETS as a desktop IDE, for wen languages when starting out its great because it highlights and changes everything in real time (assuming you’re writing static pages) , this is extremely helpful when learning JavaScript/CSS/HTML

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Bi Sh
Design Invention Research
 · KathmanduNepal
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Anton Volt … im into it… but getting Lost into Java World but im loving it… doing few quick recaps and updating new things… will complete the Animation Task first and will try my best to incorporate 3D Animations with no extra Throughput. I am starting with BRACKETS and CodePen. Are there other IDEs and Tools and Sites which can speed up the Learning and help keep all the Developments done by everyone Compatible?

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