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Getting Started with Collaborizm. The Right Way.

I joined Collaborizm a few months ago not really sure what to expect. I certainly had no idea it was going to change my life.

I decided to create this post to help other aspiring innovators from around the world take advantage of the creative universe that is Collaborizm.

What is Collaborizm?

Collaborizm is an online incubator and collaboration community helping like-minds from around the world explore ideas with one another.

(1) Bring a Project Idea to Life

List your vision. Lay out a clear project roadmap. And great things WILL start to happen for your Project.

What You Think Is Going To Happen?

  • I might get stuck.
  • I lack clarity on how to move forward.
  • I am short on funds.

What will happen?

  • You will meet amazing people that actually care and and will make legitimate efforts to help you (and it really works).

  • You will potentially find funding from the Collaborizm Innovator Fund if you work hard on your idea.

  • You will find a core set of teammates who will change your life forever.

Key Advice: Lay out your roadmap effectively. If you do this, great, great, great, things will happen.

(2) Joining Projects. Becoming a Teammate.

What You Think Is Going To Happen?

  • Not sure
  • Too big of a commitment (time)

What will happen?

  • It becomes fun. Time commitment can be done in a highly incrementalized fashion.
  • Meet amazing Project Leaders who are passionate about their vision
  • Engage in fun/creative discussions in Project Discussions and Team Chat
  • Help push projects forward in an incremental and highly collaborative fashion

(3) Contributing, Helping Others.

  • Contributing to the community is an excellent place to not only help others, but to open up new interests in your life you didn’t know were there.

  • Start building your credentials in the community by earning reviews like these shown here www.collaborizm.com/showcase

  • Get involved by commenting on different projects, helping out on tasks, EVEN if it’s minor. Start out by finding projects on www.collaborizm.com/discover or chiming in on activity happening in the global feed www.collaborizm.com/news.

Key Advice: Introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid to contribute what your mind feels is an addition.

Superstar Users – Moving up the Ranks on Collaborizm

  • Get project funding from the 💸 The Collaborizm Innovator Fund 💸 by actively progressing your project with the Community.

  • Start applying and tackling paid work on Collaborizm. (collaborizm.com/tasks/paid)

  • Use your Collaborizm Profile to apply for real jobs. (A bunch of top users have accomplished just this.)

  • Take your Project to Market and Beyond

Key Advice: Go for it. Dedicate your time to building your dream. Nothing should ever eclipse that. Even admissions 😉.

– Sai Prasad
Creator, Inventor, Hacker, Collaborizm User

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Sai Prasad

Sai’s Collaborizm tutorial is outstanding. Well done, Sai Prasad

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