Pranay Takdhat
 · MumbaiIndia
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Is it possible for me to join you
I feel interest in your project but I have very basic or no knowledge about it

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Anton Voltchok
Software Engineer & Design Lead at Collaborizm
 · New YorkU.S.
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Pranay Takdhat the general feeling I got from Stan is at this point he seems to be looking for people who can make meaningful contributions.

What are you interested in learning? Maybe we could match you to an appropriate project to which you could contribute to. (I took a look at your profile but it’s completely empty, if you filled in some information about yourself it would be easier for me to point you in the right direction)

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Ekta Deb
Graduate Engineer
 · TripuraIndia
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Dear Sir, I might go wrong, but being a person of Indian Community always demand for any easiest way of approaching problem.
First thing I can never remove any brain signals thru any of codified or non-codified instruments, neither can optimize for any o/p visualization of work on the phone as we can’t be able to control any brain waves(em waves), so I prefer of using an Headset and ear phone wires of Optic Fibre which itself has a self frequency, predetermined and to match the frequency deviation in the Smart Phone, the information of Right Side of Brain are sent thru the wire on the Right side nobes with some emotional ratings glimpsed on the Smart Phone Glimpse,and same with that for the left side , these ratings of different emotions are predetermind, there a codification is a real need. so accordingly the rates will help the person to change his mood and levels of stability thru a biometric use like eye and facial codification for rest of the job.
I hope you may like it and continue with me
Thanks & Regards.

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