Ravi Shekhar
Ravi Shekhar
· Bangalore, Karnataka, India

I want someone to do an assignment for me, in regards to STM32F446 Nucleo board and I2C communication over it

The first project is designed to familiarize you with serial communication on the STM32F446 Nucleo board. To do this each student will be assigned a unique I2C slave address for their processor board. The instructor will have a “master” controller set up with an I2C bus that multiple students can connect to simultaneously. We will play a modified version of “Simon says,” where the master will signal a specific slave to respond. The game will be played with the following protocol:

  1. The master will initiate communication by sending a start condition followed by a random


  1. If the master sends a “write” command the following data byte will a number between 1-15.

The owner of the address should then blink an LED the number of times indicated by the data byte sent. (Note: the frequency of blinks should be such that the number of blinks can be easily counted by a human).

  1. If the master sends a “read” command the owner of the address should send back a list of all

data bytes received since the start of the game. For example:

a. If no data has been received by the owner of the address a zero should be returned.

b. If the owner of the address has received only a 7 then the owner should send only a 7.

c. If the owner of the address has received 7, 12, 2, 5 over the course of the game then all of those numbers should be sent in a 4-byte sequence.

Optional Features

  1. Students may use an alternate method for displaying data. For example, students may use a

liquid crystal display, 7-segment LED display, etc.

  1. Students may write a “master” routine to control the game. Be warned that the master routine

is much more sophisticated. Students must demonstrate the abilities outlined above in addition to controlling the game.

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