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Stop Wasting Your Time on Facebook

Are you intellectually curious, would you enjoy meeting interesting, highly motivated makers and creative people and are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you want to display your skills and earn online credentials to enhance your resume? Are you interested in learning from incredible mentors like Startup India Hub, which is an organization affiliated with Startup India, one of Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in India?

If you would answer Yes to amy of these questions, then you should spend less time on FB or Snapchat and more time getting involved in the Collaborizm community. You will make great new friends, learn interesting and useful skills, improve your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur or getting a great job. You will also have a lot of fun, building robots, drones, video games, working on creative projects or wacky futuristic ideas.

So stop posting or looking at photos and start pursuing your ideas and make new friends from all over the world. And while you are at it, help make the community better by recommending Collaborizm to your friends, family, professors and fellow students.

Have you seen the slew of incredible new features on Collaborizm, from real-time chat to seeing everyone who is online when you are, to projects being cut down to more manageable micro-tasks that require 20-30 minutes of your time and which will earn you credentials if you successfully complete them?

Hey, I am not a millennial; I’m an American baby-boomer with adult children. I just feel passionately that Collaborizm can make a big positive difference in young people’s lives and I hate to see talent go to waste or watch young people waste too much time on social media.

Make it happen. Dedicate some time to getting more involved in Collaborizm. And you don’t have to Start a Project to participate. You can Join a Project, or just participate in the community (mentor others, or ask questions or just inspire or compliment other users).

No more excuses.

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