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Hey Pizza Drone people, I have to apologize - I just reread the mission here and it sounds like this drone will fly only inside delivering whatever needs to be delivered. So there are no issues regarding airspace, regulation, an so forth associated with a “commercial” pizza shop to consumer delivery service. The name of the project threw me off. Sorry about that!

So for flying inside, I am assuming there will be some mapping in software of who is sitting where so the drone can leave “point A” and fly to “point B” registered on the map and dispatch application.

Or is this supposed to be “radio controlled” like the kinds of toys that already exist? I love the “form factor” design, what I am curious about is the control plane and the user experience including returning the drone (or does “point B” just keep it and use it to return the favor?)

I can’t wait to see this thing flying through the air at WeWork! It’s brilliant!!!

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Faiz Ur Rehman
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Once its is completed and successful, I believe we all together can take it to next level as you described earlier #flyingpie 😃

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Bi Sh
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Yes… Thats one initial deployment scenario… for which only Autonomous navigation of Room is necessary… not recommended to control manually only… manual supervision might be needed…
From the perspective of Prospective #consumers… following might be expected…

  1. Drone Operation wont be regarded as some kind of threat or risk.
  2. Drone in no way comes in contact with People.
  3. Can Autonomously Navigate The Service Area (Indoor). Intelligent or Programmed.
  4. Consumers will benefit in many ways… Time, Freshness etc…
  5. In case of Unexpected or Accidental Failure wont harm anyone Physically.
    ++ #brainstorming
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