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Alain Mauer Thanks for joining. We are fortunate to have you part of our maker-hacker-creative community. I recommend using the DISCOVER feature in the upper left to check out different type projects, or to peruse people. You can search within people by Top Projects and other interesting categories. You can participate in the community by STARTING a project (with any whimsical tech related idea that might intrigue you, or you can post a tutorial about something tech-related which you’ve mastered and which you want to share with the community), or you can JOIN a project, or, you can MENTOR other users - projects. Note that another accomplished maker like you who I also met in that Adafruit Google+ maker-hacker group, John Shovic, who is the CTO of a tech company that makes components that makers use and who is also a computer science professor, started an interesting project called Solar Kit Extender for Our Weather: {https://www.collaborizm.com/project/r1gFAKba}

Hopefully, you’ll appreciate that we are much more than a “Show & Tell” maker platform. We enable substantive collaboration, which you’ll see for yourself if you look at the activity within active projects.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or any observations about how to improve the platform. Your insights - and of course, your participation in our community, is deeply appreciated.



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