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The mental illness during Vedic Ages also persisted, and it was first healed by ‪#‎Yakyalava‬’s second wife , ‪#‎Maitrayee‬, as she was the bhramacharini and married the king (Yakyalava), to whom she said to give all his properties to his first wife, so that she can remain IMMORTAL, and demanded his and her consilience (between LUCIFERA and HUMANITY), Yakyalava agreed and give her 7 basic metals (Gold,Tin,Silver,Iron,Mercury, Lead,copper) as a gift.
she started to give these to people on an astrological perspect. Then came up the most intelligent Bhramacharini,who had already read all the vedas and uanishads, were brilliant in mathematics and used to question numerous time until the person looses, she …"‪#‎Gargi‬.
on a discussion with ‪#‎Yakyalavya‬, She became the (FRUTIFERA), and upon calculation, the Vedic treatment of psychiatric or mentally ill patients were healed.
People with Arrhythmia were told to wear ‪#‎Gold‬ Medallion/Cross. Similarly for soothing nerves , ‪#‎Silver‬ Chains were used round the neck…
Even extra EM energy or cosmos or even exorcist energy flowing thru the body of any manic patient(19th century, best example, “Ramkrishna Paramhansa” were told to wear tin rings on the ring finger of right hand. It was seen that from skin to Metal, current flows, and thus decreases the inner energy.
Copper/Lead:@ an appropriate body weight to height ratio, helps those organs having impaired organs or any dysfunction of hormonal level. The French physician Victor Burq used copper and brass bracelets to treat his patients. During the 1849 cholera epidemic he reported to successfully control cramps by applying copper rings to legs and arms of the patients. The same year he reported to have cured a paralyzed hysteric by placing rings of brass around her arms, legs, and trunk. Other patients successfully cured with the external application of brass and copper were those suffering from epilepsy, anemia, neuralgia, hysteria, hypochondria, neurosis of hysteric nature and various others mental diseases.

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