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Typical conventional system would include an energy gathering system, a storage system and a distribution system.

Solar Panels are commercially available for energy gathering. Panels generally are available in 12 volt incremental units.

Rechargeable Batteries are available for storage. Lead-acid automotive batteries are relatively inexpensive but are not great for deep discharge and are on the heavy and bulky side. For this type of application these disadvantages may not be major drawbacks. Typically, lead acid batteries are available in 12 volt units.
Lithium Ion batteries - series 16430 - can be combined in 3.7 volt increments. They are lighter and take up less space per unit energy than lead-acid batteries.

If 12 volts is standardized as the buss voltage, most devices that use other voltages can be powered via consumer automotive power converters which are easily available and inexpensive.

It seems like a good place to start is to determine the overall power needs of the anticipated homes, then design the system using the appropriate above-mentioned (or other more appropriate) components to deliver the intended needs of the home.

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