A Robot that gets coffee for you and smile too
Vishal Krishna
Business Editor at YourStory.com
· Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Mentorship for The CoffeeBot Startup!

Hello All,

It is great to be on Collaborizm and talking about the Coffee Bot idea is a great way to boost my morning.

I think John is on to a good thing here, I wish I could see a demo. The CoffeeBot makes a lot of sense from a corporate perspective.

First, here are my thoughts on the questions you sent for me to answer.

What do you think is the optimal focus for The Coffee Bot team?

The Optimal Focus should be to ensure that the bot’s algorithms understand office layouts. It is in essence a steward that brings the coffee to your aisle or table. It would be interesting to see how it picks the coffee from the vending machine and make its way to the individual.

In essence the telemetry from the ordering mechanism, which is the smart phone, to the BOT recognising the device should be perfect or at least come close to 2 metres accuracy. For this the BOT’s communication to the Corporate network must be ensured. The corporate may have issues in integrating a BOT on to their network. You must address that.

In my office over 500 cups of coffee are consumed per day. I use the services of a steward when I conduct my C-Suite meetings, in my office, to bring us Coffee. Can the BOT enter such meetings. I would love a BOT to bring coffee to my guests. But it’s service has to be perfect.

By the way the BOT would also help me close a business deal fast because the clients are going to be enamoured by this technology. Coffee is important after all. :) :)

Coming back, the applications can be used in industrial scenarios. A mechanic can use the BOT to carry tools, in countries like India engineers can use the BOT for all physical applications. John and team must study what Grey Orange Robotics are doing in warehouses with their robots.

In a way John and team are replacing the menial jobs that man was subject too.

What is your initial take on the venture? (We know it’s early stage, that’s why we’re here).

As mentioned above the team can think beyond coffee. But coffee is a good case in point to do your initial proof of concept. You must try the BOT in on the Chinese take aways on Manhattan to serve a bowl of noodles. It should be able to handle massive amounts of data and process the job quickly.

Do you like the coffee driven focus – or do you see the technology being used for other purposes?

I can do a Skype with the team at some point to see a demo and explain how the BOT can work in retail scenarios. I would love to do a story on them in August if they are ok with it.

Hope this helped John and team.


Vishal Krishna
Business Editor

Electrical Engineering
Engineering & Tech
Vishal Krishna

Great mentorship commentary for the coffee bot!

Steven Reubenstone

Tremendous support by Steven for CoffeeBot

Meha Agarwal

Meha helped the team coffeeBot to understand it’s future scope and areas the team has to work on to build the product

Vishal Krishna

Vishal Krishna your mentorship means a lot to me ,your interest in coffeeBot adds up a great value to coffeeBot

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John Rodrigues
Product and Experience Designer |Entrepreneur |Founder of D&D SmartLabs| Designwithjohn.com
· Philadelphia, PA, USA

Yeah Steven Reubenstone i had a talk with Vishal Krishna sir
Vishal has given me the guidance for our next step, which we are working on,
we plan to meet in August before Claran Martis leaves to New York
This is bit of a challenge phase for us
since our higher studies plans are clashing
but we are doing everything that we could do
i am thinking of having a good demo video with the current prototype we have and also do some case study before I go to Bangalore

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Startup India Hub
Central point of contact for the entire startup ecosystem in India.
· New Delhi, Delhi, India

CoffeeBot: Coffee Bot is an interesting concept, and first of a kind specially for offices today which hire manpower to help serve this purpose. There could be multiple uses which we can think of for the bot : getting paper from a distant printer, picking up and dropping beverages from designated areas. This technology could be a major game changer for the retail industry as well.

What assistance is the team looking for from Startup India?

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John Rodrigues
Product and Experience Designer |Entrepreneur |Founder of D&D SmartLabs| Designwithjohn.com
· Philadelphia, PA, USA

Hello Startup India Hub thank you for showing interest in coffeeBot
We appreciate it

At this point I have two questions in mind

1.How do we protect our ideas and designs ?
( will it be necessary?)
2. Robotic project like these, goes through a major research and development phase ,how can startup India hub support us at this phsse?

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