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It's not a technical failure!! but something that changed my life

How can a failure lead to success! I’m one real example 😃

So here I’am with my little story about the “not a technical” failure project situation here in “Collaborizm”. Yes, I dare to challenge and explain the issues and project failures that I see everyday with all the software only projects at-least.

I see tons of software projects fail or don’t progress much because of various reasons.

  1. The project leader lays out vague idea.
  2. There’s no clear vision about what contributors get in terms of fund sharing, profits, equity etc.
  3. Team is not able to cope up with the latest technologies.
  4. There’s not enough guidance for building software projects. That’s where you need the help of Architects and Technical leaders.
  5. Haven’t seen much of sponsors and funding for software only projects.

Just because, it’s a software project, it doesn’t mean there isn’t effort in building one. Today, I’m running my own little startup with all the “Collaborizm” based projects that I am working and in progress 😃

  1. Pet Tracker
  2. Collaborizm Conference App
  3. Collaborizm AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  4. Edible Material
  5. The News Bot
  6. Kandroid - A Kandy Android Library
  7. Collaborizm Hack Box
  8. Logit
  9. Loggly API Hack
  10. Collaborizm Swagger API
  11. Mixpanel Hack
  12. Kandy Customer Helpdesk Hack
  13. KandyPSTN
  14. NextGenMonitoring
  15. KandyHIE
  16. KandyCSharp
  17. KandyHyperCat
  18. KidrinoTube

Many more to come… Thanks to “Collaborizm” 😃

#Fails #Success #NotTechFailure

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