Arduino Glider to The Edge of Space.
Help build a Self Steering Arduino Controlled Glider to be Sent to the Edge of Space.
sheikh azam
arduino, music, arduino programming, web designing
· Charlottetown, PE, Canada

First prototype

We have successfully made our first prototype with brush less motor and arduino. We also have made controller out of arduino and used RF modules for communication. We will carry out all the tests in this prototype and after successfully completion of all the tests we will be building a final version of it which will go to space ;) . The tests that we will be doing are :-

  1. Simple remote controlled flight.
  2. Auto stable flight with arduino.
  3. Direction following flight test.
  4. GPRS based flight test.
  5. Final test of all the algorithms.

These are the major tests which we will be doing with our prototype in between these there are lots of other test that we have to do. I will be updating you all about the tests and surely I will make a video of tests for you guys so that you can provide your ideas to better the performance of the airplane.

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