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Quantum Computer Accurately Simulates Hydrogen Molecule, Could Revolutionize Many Industries
by >Lucian Armasu July 19, 2016 at 12:35 PM - Source: Google Research Blog

Fig: Google’s 9-qubit universal quantum computer

Google, in collaboration with researchers from Harvard, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, UC Santa Barbara, Tufts University and University College London, announced that they have achieved the first completely scalable quantum simulation of a molecule. Quantum-level chemistry simulation is one of the first real-world uses for quantum computers, and it could revolutionize medicine research, materials research, and much more.
Classical computers aren’t that good at simulating chemical reactions. For instance, accurately computing the energies of the propane molecule (C3H8) takes ten days with a classic computer design. Molecular systems use highly-entangled superposition states, which require exponentially more computing resources to represent them sufficiently with high precision.
If it takes up to ten days to represent a single molecule with high precision, then representing thousands (or millions) of molecules at the same time, and how they react with each other, becomes an almost impossible task with a classic computer architecture. It is also a highly inefficient process in terms of energy use. Chemical reactions seem to work at a quantum level, so quantum computers are ideal for trying to simulate them as efficiently and as accurately as possible.

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