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5 New Raspberry Pi Zero Ideas

The recently released Raspberry Pi Zero, measuring in at 65mm x 30mm x 5mm, and carrying a $5 price tag, has enormous potential to improve the the Maker Movement’s pursuit of greatness in the world of the Internet of Things.


  • BCM2835 chip (same as Pi 1) but up-clocked to 1GHz
  • 512MB of RAM
  • Micro-SD
  • Mini-HDMI
  • Micro-USB for data
  • Micro-USB for power
  • Unpopulated 40-pin GPIO connector (same pinout as A+/B+/2B)

Pi Zero Project Ideas


This week we suggest exploring a wearables Project with the Pi Zero. A new fitness watch? A new heart monitor? The size of the Pi Zero is so tiny that it generates an endless world of possibilities for Wearable Projects.

Dog Collar Enhancements

I guess this could also be categorized as a wearable, but we think the Pi Zero has the potential to drive innovation in the world of taking care of our pets! This week why not explore an innovation to the dog collar?

New Gameboy

I always loved gameboy as a kid, and I’m sure many of you did also. There is a ton of potential to run emulators of the Pi Zero — and create a modern version of the Gameboy. See what you can make happen.

Heart Monitor

We mentioned this in the wearables section, but we feel there is so much potential to innovate with the Pi Zero, for biomedical purposes, that we gave it it’s own category here in this blog post. So go do some research on the Pi Zero, form a team, and start designing your best Biomedical Innovation!

Engineering Collaborative Calculator

This was a crazy idea thought of by me, Steve, personally in Engineering School. My idea was to build a calculator from scratch that connected to other students calculators. This way we could collaboratively brainstorm solutions to complex problems, while having a sophisticated tool right in front of us to perform the heavy number crunching and graphing. It was just a seed of an idea, but maybe I was on to something. Maybe the Pi Zero can help us with this? We’ll see.

Get Started! → www.collaborizm.com/Start 😃

Check out an awesome Pi Zero Video Here:


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Hardik Patel
 · RajkotIndia
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Hi Steven. I’m pretty interested in using Pi zero to build smart wearables. I am into building up an autonomous domestic IoT system. We together can build this new environment with wearable devices and sensors.

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Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Collaborizm Mentor. Join our iOT Hackathon!
 · New YorkU.S.
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Hardik Patel – What microcontroller are you using, and do you have any pictures or diagrams of it? I’d love to check it out.

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