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Revisited an old RC toy... To tear it appart.

Hello! I finally finished all my exams and it’s summer break for me! So guess what’s the first thing I did? I dug out a super old RC toy from my wardrobe and teared it appart to see what it was made of.

The toy was a “Tyco Shell Shocker”. Quite impressive to be honest. It had 2 “wheels” that could transform and turn it either into a ball or an other 2 wheeled form… kinda hard to explain so here’s a picture:

I wanted to open it because this thing was very powerful when it worked and I was kind of scared of it when I was a kid. Not because of its looks but because of the power it had in its wheels. So I thought “These wheels must have pretty good motors to drive them”. And then I began unscrewing about 50 screws all around in inside this rc toy monster.

And those are what I found Inside: 2 big motors and 1 smaller one. They all have a lot of power but I’m not sure how much voltage they requiere. So far I only tested with 6v for very short period because I didn’t want to damage them.

I’m guessing they need something around 7.2v because this whole toy was powered by a NiCd 7.2v battery, which is completely dead and impossible to charge back. Its voltage went down to around 3v so I don’t think it will do anything anytime soon. Here’s how this weird battery looks:

And finally, all there was left was a big pile of plastic pieces, the bunch of little boards with a lot of circuitry on them and the gearbox. This gearbox looks kind of out of place actually, it’s completely white and very clean compared to the rest of the toy. It makes me wonder if the gearbox was made by an other manufacturer. Anyway, here’s what remains:
tyco shell remains

This was a fun little disassembly project… took about 3 hours to do it and I only needed to drill one screw because I don’t have a screwdriver long enough to reach some of them.

Seeing the power the 2 main motors have, I decided that I would use them for a future project for a little tank that can drive anywhere it wants. They are quite heavy however so I will need to make some gearboxes to increase their torque and push harder on the wheels. Anyway, I have other projects to complete first, this one will have to wait.

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