Bi Sh
Design Invention Research
 · KathmanduNepal
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I see the Vision of this project is to Optimize Energy consumption by using it only where it is needed… besides i see it’ll Reduce Light Pollution too…
Few initial thoughts…

  1. Will the system work for all kind of users… like Walking pedestrians, Cycles or motorbikes?
  2. Line of Sight Motion Detection Sensors like IR, Camera etc might not be appropriate everywhere, Sonic and Vibration Sensors might come handy at Twisty and Curvy roads…
  3. How will the Decision making takes place…
    Option 1: Sensors detecting the passing Vehicle (Users) and triggering necessary Streetlight… in this deployment scenario streetlight need to be in connection. Wireless connection is definitely will be costly deployment… may be we can use the PLC communication (because all the Streetlights are connected by conducting wire already) if there is cheaper deployment #brainstorming
    Option 2: Each Streetlight will be isolated and independent Intelligent Switch. Like, it can detect say up to 200 Meters of Vehicular activity and decides to be whether be On or OFF (or Dim). I think Sonic or Vibration sensor deployment will be Reliable and cheaper compared to Opto-sensors.
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Jayant Singh
Electrical and Electronics Engineering student (Project Leader)
 · New DelhiIndia
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Thanks bi sh for your analysis 😃

  1. Yes, it will detect all users including Pedestrian and bikes.
  2. I think ultrasonic sensors of high range can serve our purpose. I don’t know about vibration sensors, that how can they detect motion from pole ?
    Though we can use different dual sensor system for more accuracy, like ultrasonic and pir together
  3. Yes, PLC communication is better.
    We can pair 4-5 streetlight together.
Aditya Malpure
Electrical Engineering student
 · MalegaonIndia
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Yes this is great idea #to add in this project which an be also used on only walking routs too …#bi shi

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