Jim Burden
Jim Burden
ยท Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Standard adjustable drop racks for intensive ag

Proposed is a design for stationary or automated pallet jack carried racks that have adjustable depth layers of the cheapest possible fiber reinforced vacuume formed or rapid compression molded basalt fiber composit pan racks. The rack edges are tapered outward to be beatable for shipping storing in denser stacks and to drop one inside each other when progressive dump unlock g over a process receiver hopper and conveyor system. At each stage of planting or insect farming the pans are loaded one at a time by grabbing retainer lines that wing the dumped pan from verticle to horizontal where it is loaded with new soil or meal worm or cricket bedding or food. A spreader system layers the required level of ingredients and periodically adds water or food as needed during growth of animals or plants. At the end of productivity the rack that might be eight foot high or twenty foot or more high is picked up by s handeling machine and carried over the process collection hopper where each pan is automatically progressively dumped to provide a slower consistent supply to be air blown, shaker screen separated washed or processed in a combine operation.

Depending on the feeding machine dimensions only narrow isles of 4 to 6 inches need be left between each layer. LED light strips are indeed in slots in the plant raisin uses as a substitute for sun light. Insects and mushrooms might be raised in the dark where best for fast growth. A constantly expanding process access isle in neeeded to move the racks to and return from the processing area. Two pallet or rack movers might keep the processing lines running full time for each stage in the process. The rack pan verticle spacing or clearances would be adjustable with more or fewer pans being added or subtracted from the racks for different uses.

There are many ways to design all of these elements.

Jim Burden, [email protected]

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