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I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer and a software developer by passion. I love what I do. I can create things on my own and for other people. I love to play with circuits and new technologies in order to try and build new things. You might think I knew this all of my life, but you’re wrong. Yes, I knew I loved tech – even as a little kid – but I wasn’t sure I wanted to make it my life’s work until I took some courses in college.

I think it is extremely important to take all of the electives you can when in college because those courses give you an idea of what a job in that field will be like and they give you more experience (so you can get a job!). For instance, intro to programming was a good class (I was having Java as my very first programming during schools days in 9th grade), but it was too elementary to know what it would really be like to code for a living. That’s why I took three more electives to see if coding was right for me.

I know what you’re thinking now…you’re like Sai, you’re telling me the only electives you took were in coding? Of course not! That is why I have to stress the importance of taking electives in different subjects as well, like art, music, business, etc and the best part is our University syllabus already included that all. These courses not only make you well rounded, they also give your brain a break from your core curriculum. Plus, employers love to see that you took a diverse array of courses. It shows that you are willing to try new things and can speak to different topics. If your university or college doesn’t have a particular course you wanted to take or passionate about, you can take course online too and believe me I developed most of my programming skill by taking online courses - a great way to develop your skills through self paced learning, where you get your freedom to learn when you feel like.

This is a huge reason I love Collaborizm because I can work with people with so many different skill sets and get along with them.

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great piece

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