A Robot that gets coffee for you and smile too
Steven Lance Rocker
Journalist, Project Manager, @ The New York Times.
· New York, NY, United States

Feedback & Mentorship

What do you think is the optimal focus for The Coffee Bot team?

I think CoffeeBot has two important factors that make it great for the office: it delivers coffee and mail. In fact in the office, businesses want workers to stay at their desks as long as possible. At my office, people are constantly getting up from their desks to get a hot beverage. Workers also travel to their mailboxes. I think this could be sold to businesses as an workplace efficiency product to keep workers at their desks longer.

What is your initial take on the venture? (We know it’s early stage, that’s why we’re here).

My initial take on this venture is that it reminds me of Rosie from “The Jetsons.” I think this can be a start to a robot that will service workers needs. Maybe it could be adapted to a domestic setting. I think this product has amazing potential if executed correctly. It will take iteration and testing, but I think it can be done.

Do you like the coffee driven focus – or do you see the technology being used for other purposes?

I like the coffee driven focus, but it could easily deliver beer, which I happen to like more. It could literally deliver any liquid product. I think it will take the same basic technology. If the team can pair the coffee delivering with some other function like mail delivery, it will make this product much more useful. I think they can start with coffee/mail delivery and the team can build on the bot’s other potential functions.

Steven Lance Rocker

Lance has been a great support for coffeeBot
Really good to know you
You have been a great help to me and team

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John Rodrigues
Product and Experience Designer |Entrepreneur |Founder of D&D SmartLabs| Designwithjohn.com
· Philadelphia, PA, USA

Yes Steven Lance Rocker
We are in the development stage .
This sector is catching up soon and we are glad we have taken a step to begin the journey

We are constantly brainstorming to build a functional ,minimum viable product

You have been a great help ,all this help means alot to me and my team

Yes we are happy to make it versatile robot and make it deliver beer and other products
However we would keep the name coffee Bot itself ,because it will make it a loveable product since we all love coffee

Cc:Steven Reubenstone

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