Valtrack-V2 GPS tracker
Low cost GSM GPS tracker being built on Collaborizm.
Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things. Collaborizm Roundtable.
· New York, NY, USA

Startup India Hub Pick of the Week: Valtrack Hardware Startup 🏆


Valtrack is a hardware startup led by Ravi Pujar. Ravi’s Valtrack startup aims to create a much more effective GPS chip for maker Projects that is more durable, replaceable, and configurable with different web server configurations.

If you aren’t familiar with this hardware world – it’s important to note – that GPS technology is critical for most maker/hardware projects – which is a field that is growing every day.

“I want to create a winning product which is easy to use and is not limited in any way and has infinite possibilities for improvement by the community.” – Ravi Pujar

What Excites us about The Venture

Competitive Differentiation and Unique Selling Proposition

The startup has a strong competitive differentiation, and was created to solve certain frustrations makers have in the market place.

“Most of the trackers used today are closed designs made in China and not configurable to other servers and no possibility of them getting repaired.”

  • The components used in this tracker will be made open for easy repairs or replacements.
  • We intend to make this tracker as a development board like Arduino with all goodies like GSM +GPS+Accelerometer+Battery charger+Device control option in one package.

The Team

Ravi is a super impressive engineer – with excellent selling and speaking abilities. He is a true blend of startup founder and engineer.


We really like the technical developments behind this project as well as the prototyping process that has gone into creating both versions of the device. Real market testing has occurred! 😃

Market Opportunity

The hardware/maker movement is an undeniably surging market. From our research, there’s no stopping in growth in sight.

Stage of Venture

Version 2.0 Prototype that has been rigorously tested. The Project story and video above lay this out in greater detail – but we want to again stress that this hardware has been tested, rebuilt, iterated, and is a position to begin thinking about distribution and selling to customers.

Collaborizm’s Recommendations for Startup India Hub

  • Valtrack needs help incorporating the venture as well as setting up a cap table with his core team.
  • Valtrack Startup need guidance on how to devise a strategy to do their first manufacturing test run. This could consist of an official mentor – or introductions to key manufacturing “gate keepers” that could help drive some additional momentum into their efforts to get this to market. (Will rely on Startup India Hub expertise to comment here).

Where Valtrack Can Go

Valtrack can become a leading hardware niche product for makers world wide looking to use cheap, more effective GPS technology.

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Ravi Pujar
Embedded systems engineer, Founder @Valetron Systems, Blogger @www.raviyp.com
· Dharwad, Karnataka, India

Yes, I specifically designed them for motorcycles. They are more prone to theft in India. Then will expand to other vehicles and assets tracking. I have tested it in a Car also. But for tracking cars, we would need the fleet management systems up as they need trip reports and mileage reports etc.

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Startup India Hub
Central point of contact for the entire startup ecosystem in India.
· New Delhi, Delhi, India

Ravi Pujar

Nice work! Here are few suggestions:

•Business Model – What is mentioned is good for a product overview slide. A business model typically needs to capture a plan for the successful operation of a business, identifying sources of revenue, the intended customer base, products, and details of financing.
•How will I make money – This slide needs information on the price of your product, cost involved, profit earned.
•Competitor Analysis – It is good that you have mentioned about the competitors. But you also need to show how your startup is better than others.

Let us know in case of questions.

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Ravi Pujar
Embedded systems engineer, Founder @Valetron Systems, Blogger @www.raviyp.com
· Dharwad, Karnataka, India

Startup India Hub Thank you very much for the quick suggestions. I will follow through them and update asap.

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