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Ali Stone
Official Community Moderator (Decision maker on who becomes Verified Freelance Talent)
· New York, NY, United States

Question posted by collaborizm workspace (slackbot)

how do u know whether to hire one full stack or one backend one front end? are there pros to one option? i am thinking one person might be cheaper but i guess it depends. i am also thinking someone whose focus is front end will be great on the front and someone whose focus is backend would build a great backend versus someone with just general full stack knowledge. also how many years do u recommend someone have experience-wise in order to trust them to build something…2-3? or more? i feel comfortable at atleast 5 years but maybe thats too long?

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John Rodrigues
Product and Experience Designer |Entrepreneur |Founder of D&D SmartLabs| Designwithjohn.com
· Philadelphia, PA, USA

This is an interesting question.
It mostly comes down the clients budget.

Projects with the lower budget see design an expence and not as a investment.so they prefer to directly go to an developer who will get their work done.

However it’s our duty to to educate the client about the importance of user centric design, and show the return on investment on that.
However at the end it comes down to their call.

Instead of seeing how many years they have work, it’s better to see who many projects they have worked previously.
I have 2 years experience with CAD but I can make models like 5 years experienced person.
So that’s kinda relative.

A portfolio would be a great way to select the candidate

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Ranjan Dailata
Solution Architect. Collaborizm Roundtable.
· Mysuru, Karnataka, India

Well, I say it’s not about the front end or back end… Here’s how it goes. Every team requires an Architect or a suitable candidate who plays an architect role.

Front end developers are generally good in front end, that’s where they are specialized. Back end developers are good in developing API’s, Web Apps, Database design etc. However it all depends on the projects where some requires a dedicated database developers and DBA. But the back end developer should be able to handle all to some extent.

A full stack developer is good in over all end to end. However we cannot expect a full stack developer to be a GOD of software. For sure, she/he is not perfect like the font end or the back end developers. Considering a full stack developer is always good for a small team. However i would say, it depends on clients and project requirements. Some projects require a special skillset like building an AI based product. Where a full stack dev can do but she/he is not an expert either.

Coming to experience. Any where b/w 0-3 is considered as Software Engineers and they are not the senior ones. Let’s say going with 5, they are the senior folks. There’s a catch, a developer simply sitting and working on something for 10 yrs, may or may not give a value. Years of experience does matter but it depends on folks what they did. How complex projects one handled in the past etc. An experience is experience something needs be practiced and done well. We cannot buy something in the market :)

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