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Cubesats - Material requirements

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not being available these days.
I have come up with an update for cubesats materials.
Please check that out. Please let me know if I miss something and share your ideas and suggestions so that we can improve the project.

Coming on to project
I did a quick internet search and turned up two major manufacturers

  1. Pumpkin - http://www.pumpkininc.com�
  2. Clyde Space �- http://www.clyde-space.com�
    A later search for subsystems turned up a third manufacturer of cubesat kits www.isispace.nl�
    Here is what I discovered about Cubesats from these three companies. First is Pumpkin they’re part of Salvo, the manufacturer of real time operating systems (RTOS) for single board computers (SBC) and Microcontrollers like atmel, ARM, MSP430 and M68HC11. Pumpkin’s kits are redistributed by the company Cubesat kit (http://cubesatkit.com�). Cubesat kit sells an entry level pack or barebone’s CubeSat. This kit doesn’t
    contain everything for a flight-ready CubeSat. You’ll still need to add the following subsystems: power, telemetry, and sensors. However, the
    kit does contain the following items: �
  3. Solid-wall cubic airframe
    (10 centimeters on a side)
  4. MSP430 SBC flight computer loaded with the Salvo RTOS.
  5. Remove Before Flight pin to safeguard the CubeSat before it’s loaded into the P-POD
    (Poly-Picosatellite Orbital Deployer)
  6. Programming software and
    programming cable.
  7. Five volt power supply to power the CubeSat on a workbench�.

The basic kit can be customized with different airframes and flight computers. The available airframes include those for a 0.5U, 1.5U, 2U,
and 3U CubeSat, and the flight computers include Atmel and M68HC11 based PC/104 cards. �

As mentioned, the second company I found is Scottish Clyde Space Ltd. Clyde Space doesn’t just
sell CubeSat parts, they also sell subsystems for larger satellites. Unlike the company CubeSat Kits, Clyde Space doesn’t sell a complete kit.
Instead, they sell the subsystems needed to construct a CubeSat. You order their subsystems online almost like a Chinese restaurant menu by
selecting a particular version of each subsystem.

Clyde Space’s categories of subsystems include: Electrical Power System (EPS), Power Distribution,
Batteries, Solar Arrays, Deployable Arrays, Attitude Determination and Control Systems, De-orbit Devices, Propulsion, Structures,
Communications, Onboard Computers, Software, Ground Support, Ground Stations, and Accessories.�

The last company I found (ISIS) is based in the
Netherlands. ISIS produces a complete
1U CubeSat kit, but what I found even more
interesting was their CubeSat engineering
model. This model is a training tool that allows
anyone to build and test hardware and software
for a CubeSat. The kit includes a
2U airframe, flight computer, EPS, and
telemetry. To create a more realistic
environment, the �development kit includes a ground station, so you communicate with the
CubeSat engineering model over its UHF radio.�

These are some of the basic subassemblies I discovered online.

Thank you,

Harshavardhan Kada

Material requirements listed by Harsh.

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great work here

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Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things.
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whats the very first step?

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