Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things. Collaborizm Roundtable.
Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things. Collaborizm Roundtable.
· New York, NY, USA

Don’t F Up Your Start Up, by Collaborizm.

How can we help entrepreneurs from avoiding painful pitfalls?

Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life. I’m sure fellow entrepreneurs would agree that if there were a way to make the entrepreneurship battle just a little easier; a little smoother; we’d be all over it.

Today we are launching a new initiative, called…Don’t F Up, which will help Entrepreneurs spot and avoid mistakes in their business/technical plan.

“There are 3 tragic entrepreneurial mistakes being made every second.“
— Law of Entrepreneurial Physics

This is the most outstanding data point we’ve discovered from talking to thousands of Entrepreneurs. And we’ve decided something needs to be done.

First, What’s Happening?

The Reality Distortion Field

At the core of the problem, is The Reality Distortion Field, best summarized by the famous opening paragraph of Lean Analytics:

"Let’s face it: you’re delusional. We’re all delusional — some more than others. Entrepreneurs are the most delusional of all. Entrepreneurs are particularly good at lying to themselves. Lying may even be a prerequisite for succeeding as an entrepreneur — after all, you need to convince others that something is true in the absence of good, hard evidence. You need believers to take a leap of faith with you. As an entrepreneur, you need to live in a semi-delusional state just to survive the inevitable rollercoaster ride of running your startup.

Small lies are essential. They create your reality distortion field. They are a necessary part of being an entrepreneur. But if you start believing your own hype, you won’t survive. You’ll go too far into the bubble you’ve created, and you won’t come out until you hit the wall — hard — and that bubble bursts. You need to lie to yourself, but not to the point where you’re jeopardizing your business."

— Lean Analytics (Chapter 1)

How Can We Start to Solve this Problem for Entrepreneurs?

We believe most crucial to solving this problem is the culture created around solving this problem. It requires a change in mindset. It requires a community of individuals willing to hit each other hard (verbally).

  • Advice is not good enough.
  • It requires something harder hitting, to knock people out of the Reality Distortion Field.
  • It needs to be brutal, raw, and honest.

That leads us to Don’t F Up…

How Don’t F Up Works

A) Post a strategy question on amifuckingup.com

B) At least one or more community mentors will respond with brutally raw and honest feedback.

C) Entrepreneurs can determine if the feedback is valid, and decide to act.

Recommended Topics to Question in Your Journey

Technical Strategy

Why are you building your Minimum Viable Product in the way you’ve decided?

What stack are you using and why?

How does your technical plan make sense from a risk — reward standpoint?

Does your technical plan align with your business goals?

What type of coding languages are you utilizing?

What is the basis (rationale) for the complexity of your product?

Business Logic:

Is your business logic fundamentally sound? What can you do to improve it?

Does your MVP correspond to a reduced risk go2market strategy?

Is your go2market strategy even feasible?

Do you have actual access to distribution? Or is it a pipe-dream?

Am you able to be objective or do you suffer from “confirmation bias”?

How can you create a plan that reflects that you aren’t a 1st-time entrepreneur? Sadly, if first time entrepreneurs don’t get outside opinions/feedback, they are going to add many years of pain to their journey (and will incur significant unnecessary expense) even if they do eventually succeed.

Want Help You Not F Up?
Join Us here: amifuckingup.com

Steven Reubenstone

Well written

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Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things. Collaborizm Roundtable.
· New York, NY, USA

take a look why we’re doing it!

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