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Dear Sir, Dated:08-04 2016.
I am humble applying for, I Md. Khalequezzaman (Liton) Age:41 years, Profession: Mechanical Engineer. I am in charge of work shop in the new first class ship building company in Bangladesh. Individually I am very poor helpless young scientist . I have some scientific things and Research. I in myself try for twenty five years, I am searching some component, technique for putting some contribution in mankind. I love Natural science and creator of God. Through using natural science if I can put some usefulness of humankind then I shall be thanked. In my exploring I gained some substances. At present I am searching Financial partner in such organization, Industry, firm, person or media so that it can develop to country or nation and humankind through using thinking of as like scientists. I am pleased to introduce myself through your Non-profit, organization. At present I have in my hand a big type think, exploring attempt. It is mercy for mankind. I can bring new flood of hope of mankind. I hope it is 100% possible. But they did not realize me. Could not recognize the discovering. Could not believe. At present in this Age (38) in lifetime if cannot realize my think then will lose a vast possibility of mankind. At present there is thinking original rule in photo shape in my hand. It’s Maine Theory only I know. It is a worldwide industry can make of sports components. Like this necessity of cell phone. Can make It is profitable sports industry. It is like alloy metal like Aluminum, such as magnesium and very light and hard substance, popular component of present time. Possible Inventive think of vast industry of Carbon Fiber. It is a recognized natural science component which was dream of man and still available. For it if I gent most help within six month I shall disclose result to habitant of world, I shall be able to surprise world’s man. But I cannot do in this country, my country is illiterate ignorant, though born in this country I am bound to say this. They will not give value of mercy of science. I honor your organizations purpose. I hope to increase the value of this organization and I want to realize the same. I believe you will not hopeless me. With honestly wish you will take constructive attempt. If any question or doubt to me you can compare me for my honesty and reality. As per completion rule of your organization, I cannot participate. Because for anxious for copying of some subject, character, theory main and reference of this invent. Moreover it is no tin practical stage. With some material (in able to gain the same) after research and think through giving real design real and shape may be realized. Former who conducted this organization was some fundamental mistake, for that reason this try was not possible. They only used that attachment for conducting without Leg.

Here the physical weight of a man, for flying the same in air how much quantity air pressure is necessity, for making it the width and length of blade is necessary it not possible to conduct the same for two hands. Only two hands are not sufficient to conduct this attachment. So I used leg as helping power. On getting your earnest contribution my invent and my many try may disclose worldwide. And my research life can give result to mankind. At present Basic rules of my inventive think on next page and explained usefulness. I am in waiting for you kind attention and consideration.

Thanking you,
(Machanical Engineer/Machine shop Incharge)

Present: Employ- till now.
“Ananda ship yard & slip ways Ltd.”
Meghna ghat,Newtown(Islampur),
Permanente: Address-
C/o:Late:Monsur Ali sarker, Vill: 02-No-Kursha(Danga para)
Post:Taragonj, P/s: Taragonj,Dist:Rangpur-code:(5420)
Email:[email protected], [email protected]
Cell phone:+8801716002517,+8801730739158.

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