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Stan, I am looking at your project and it looks fascinating but I have some questions. Can you explain the relationship between your device, “brain signals”, music and controlling your mood? Does your device “read” your mood and then you decide what music to listen to in order to alter your mood? Also, what is this word: garnityry? Is that a typo.

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Stan Levandovsky
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#Stans #Neuroheadphones is device with sending signal and feedback with visualisation. This is its distinguishing feature аnd uniqueness. As You know there are already devices in the world that read the brain. There is also many sound waves changing the state of the brain. I just solved the problem and added feedback and visualization as well as the big date in these processes.
Now your smartphone will become a small research center that receives and analyzes the data from your personal brain and depending on the result, you can shift the area of activity in the right side thereby activating various states.
Also researching your brain in real-time in the moments of happiness, or simply good mood, you can record its patterns and work with it to get back into this state using special processing.
Garnityry is a mistake )) I mean Headset. Im working under 3 tipe of complectation.

  1. Is cheap can be used with any headphones you have. 2. More expencive with special HQ headphones. 3. Is innovative with VR Headset that will bring to world new level of freedom. But now its in near future.
    Now Im focused on App for smatphone and creating working device for World distribution.

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Stan Levandovsky we want to cover your story in our blog next week. Can you give us a cool quote to include in the article about your feelings of the project so far?

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