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As the signal transmitted through brain are electrical so we have to first understand how the signal are transfered to our body part, then we have to create that type of head phone attached externally to that nerve that is used to trasfer electrical signal, the same signal must be captured by headphone and we have to initially set the functionality of headphone so that if pulse generated by nerve is sinusoidal (say) then this is sign of anger and if square (say) wave is generated then say happy with that.
we only need to capture the electrical pulse of nerve that used to send info. to different parts of body and same is captured by headset and all done.
Just by programming and using electronic instrument .

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Everething right…
But I dont want to stop on it. I think it is 10% of all real opportunity of #STANS #NEUROHEADPHONES. Because every day around the world billion of signals affect to our mind and if we will just analyze them for a long time - week or a month with millions of people we will got a big data that show us a real way to new level of our evolution.
Anyway very big thanks for your ideas and support with how it works but I decide don’t do it before create global research with final device.
The main goal is not to not to change something but to get data and understand how our world is working with our mind. You listen music - its changing your mind. You dancing - its changing your mind. You make love with your girl friend - its changing your mind. And so on. Everything is changing our mind every second. But its different for every one and its now research about it because nobody know how will work instagram with humanity before it start working )) And now we know ! tha same with VR and many others innovations that changing us forever…
I dont care how it works ) Because its works already every day! I want to give instrument to humanity to see how their mind is working and then to try to chang everething together!
Now I want everybody focused on our main tasks 1. It have to be cheap 2. It have to be easy to use 3. It have to be usful.
Thanks to @Steven Reubenstone and all #Collaborizm team we are launching this project and soon I will show for everybody #STANS #NEUROHEADPHONES #APP concept. It will give more understanding of this project.
Now I steel need OPEN GL expert…
Stay in tune!

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