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Getting started part 2: Running the code


This tutorial is the next part of the getting started tutorial. Here I assume that you already know how to start a project and prepare the environment to run the code. If you have not yet gone through the previous tutorial or do not know how to set the environment for running the code, I recommend that you go through the previous tutorial which can be found at the following link.

Part 2

Once a new project has been started and everything is set, It’s time to start writing the code and executing it. Our main objective here is to write the code, translate and build it. We expect to get a HEX file as the final output of all the steps which would then be loaded into the controller. I’ll assume that you have a code ready to go through the following steps. If not you could download an example code from the following link.
https://github.com/claranmartis/Let-s-Learn-ARM/tree/master/Tutorial 1

  1. Once you have completed the previous steps and have your code ready, click on Translate.

  1. Then click on Build. This will create a HEX file in your project folder which you will load into your microcontroller.

  1. If you’d like to edit the code, you may do so and save it. Once saved, click on rebuild to update the changes in the HEX file.

Now if there are no errors, your ready to load the created HEX code to the microcontroller which we shall do using another software called Flash Magic.

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