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How to built a project


Everyone has an urge that is swimming in their blood. That is becoming a creator or a father for a particular soulless product. Those urges make them think randomly. Randomness is a root cause for huge disaster. So, despite my past experiences here I want to share some points with you.

1.Problem finding

The very first step every innovator have to follow. There is nothing in lock the room with your friends and think about your project. As a creator, we have to communicate with our society. because problems are like species it spreads everywhere from underground to above the sky. So the main thing is searching the problems.

2.Listed the problem.

Next important move is categorizing those problems and found a root cause for that. Once the root cause is related to your core field or comes into your field of interest take down that project. For example Is there any vibration in a bridge a civil engineer takes responsibility for that. In case to develop an agriculture robot mechanical engineer may know more about that.

3. Study the problem.

Problems are like enemies. We should thoroughly study about our enemy his strength and weakness. Then only we conquered him. Hence we should completely analyze the problem. After a detailed study, it gives ways of solution. Among that pick the apt one.

4.Find a solution.

Imagine problem is like a hand and solutions are fingers. A single problem has more than one solution. But here your role is a very fortune. On considering lots of things such a money, duration, and man power then pick an eligible solution for both you and your project. It seems like using a finger while switching on the fan and pressing a self-start key in a bike.

5. Develop a group

Step 1 to 4 are pre-processing in a project work. And step 5 to 10 are process among that step 5 itself have three subprocesses they are designed, develop and diagnose. Initiation takes the role of project head and picks a correct person for respective process.
In case a project is developing by you alone. You have to take a three transmission. Like triple action protagonist in cinema.

6.Design a schedule

Design a perfect time frame. Because the allocation of time is very important and essential. It forced you to next stage and motivating you. Once you failed to complete a particular process in scheduled time don’t try to manipulate future scheduled. Because that may affect your mental process which leads to stress and unfortunately those things may ruin your project. This is your project you are a boss you are a client. Everything is you so keep enjoying the works. Once you fell down never bother about it complete the upcoming works as per schedule you designed it previously.

7.Keep Learning

Learning is a key for every creator. You may mastered in the mechanical field. In case you develop an agriculture robot then you have to learn some agriculture knowledge. The combination of a various source is the perfect product. whenever you want to learn new things or unfamiliar one comparing with your studies. you never neglect that one you should learn it. Be like Aristotle his name is printed every genre.

8.Motivating yourself

I already told, " you are the boss and you are the client". No one here to scold you or no one depends on you. You have to motivate yourself. But the society may scold you by without any knowledge of your project. you never ever dropped those words into your project. You already paved a way keep walking until reach the destination.

9. Innovation.

This is the very important term in a life of creators like you. Innovations are two types one odd innovation and another one is evolved innovation.
Odd innovation means completely new to the society for example design a aircraft which completely powered by air. Like that a new product. Some say innovation is the inborn habit. But it’s not like once you have the serious appetite in your studies and enthusiasm in doing project inherently brings you innovative thoughts.
Evolved innovations are nothing remodeling the existing one. For example a cellular phone from the telephone. Whatever it is innovation play a key role in a project. By following your enthusiasm you can easily grab this fruit.

10.Embrace the failure

Failure is new for beginners and flawless teacher for achievers. Wherever you dropped your sweats failure is planted there only by your perspiration those plants gives you ripe fruits as in a form of victory.

Thank you for scroll down my status. I hope this story might be helpful for beginners and comments are welcome

Murali Mano Joshi

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excellent post

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