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Power Generation New Era:- upto 560 M.W.

Project details Link:- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQolGMNawAV130fV1-E-QxfGt-5quTGsipP4XBsBSZk/edit?ts=5652916f&pref=2&pli=1

In Hydro Electric Power Generation Projects, we are generating Power with the help of accumulated water in Reservoirs at height. We utilize the down flow water Pressure to rotate Turbines.

In this Project, we use people weight coming down from height, to rotate Turbines.

Q) Why this idea / concept should be granted Patent.
Ans: - a) Pilgrims visit to Tirumala Hills for Lord Balaji Darshan since long time and continue for Generations together (since before my birth even after my death continues).
b) Daily, 1, 00,000 Pilgrims visiting Tirumala Hills for Lord Balaji Darshan, and they were transported Hills up & down by A.P.S.R.T.C. Buses, consuming 28,000 Ltrs Diesel in the aerial distance of (say) 1 K.M. in the Ghar area). In addition to it there will be Private Vehicles, Cars, etc
c) By using and INTEGRATING latest available Technologies in Lifts, Roller Coasters, etc, we can Generate Power using Human Weight. This can be possible because daily 30,000 nos of pilgrims going uphills by walkway / through steps and coming down using
Buses. This is extra load.

This is Unique condition. Nowhere in the world this situation prevails.
Power Generation - Renewable Energy – through non-conventional methods in the large scale - free of cost.

TTD is a very big Organization; hence they cannot accept suggestions from others like me. Designers / Investors are afraid to join me in this Project because, once they submit the Quotation (after spending money for site visit, etc and prepare quotation / details), TTD may allot this Project to others through International Tendering Process.

The next alternative to get this big project is that my Concept / Idea should be patented. Then this Project may be accepted by TTD for execution and Generation of Power through Human Weight.
My Patent Application No.Design & Concept - Patent Application No.4110/CHE/2014, dt.22-08-2014.

Where can I get needed assistance / guidance for Patenting process.

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