Harshavardhan Kada
Collaborizm Award Winner for Inspiring Project Leader of the Week
 · BengaluruIndia
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Hello everyone,

I have an idea of developing “IOT AUTOMOTIVE CONNECTED CARS” through Kandy iot.

The connected vehicle has been the most visible and familiar example of Internet of Things technology. But as cars become increasingly software-driven, the real IoT developments in the auto industry are behind the scenes, as automakers and software providers both lay claim to the driver’s seat.

What exactly I want to accomplish in this project:

  1. Real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s status and operation.
  2. Savings, through being able to detect potential problems with the car early on.
  3. Tracking of the vehicle in the event of car-jacking and alerts to safeguard the driver and relatives.
    Remote control of the vehicle in countries where this is allowed by law.
  4. Optimization of routes and driving expenses.
  5. Monitoring and remote diagnosis of the vehicle.
    Software updating with the possibility of changing the car’s configuration remotely.
  6. Mobile phones or tablets can be used to control HVAC systems as well as other operational systems, suspension, etc. on the vehicle.
  7. Safety systems and automatic emergency calls in the event of an accident.
  8. Maps, real-time traffic information and satellite imaging.
  9. Real-time information about fuel prices and the location of the nearest service stations.
    This features include 24/7 connectivity.

Communication between vehicles will become vital to prevent accidents by enabling the detection of the presence and location of other road users.
There are many more advantages by the use of automated car.

In the near future, many more applications will come on-line.

I am very interested in accomplishing this project.

Thank you,

Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Collaborizm Mentor. Join our iOT Hackathon!
 · New YorkU.S.
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The IOT Connected Cars Idea for the Kandy Hackathon is amazing. You need to start your project and tag it with the Kandy Hackathon and then post it back here.

To be successful, you’ll only need to accomplish 1 items on your check list, as this is a hackathon.

You should start to see who’s interested in this #IOT, Mechanical type of hack

Who loves this idea?

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Harshavardhan Kada
Collaborizm Award Winner for Inspiring Project Leader of the Week
 · BengaluruIndia
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Thank you Steven,

With out starting a new project for this can I continue this on iot Kandy hackaton?

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Sandhan Sarma
 · GuwahatiIndia
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