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Thank you collaborizm for helping me out with my career

I recently lost my first job ( #fail) ,at first I felt it’s such a failing point for my career ,but soon I realised it was such a amazing learning experience .So again I was stuck in the annoying loop of finding the job ,sending mail and waiting .But then suddenly i got my project published in times of India through collaborizm ,so I thought why don’t I go to startup that is passionate about making robots

So I went ,guess what ,I got my second dream job such a huge Thanks to collaborizm ,which helped me to be a mechanical engineer ,designer ,artist and a robosist at the same time ,I mean which other platform can do that ?

Collaborizm is awesome ,and it has changed my life and has opened up alot of opportunities to me

Now I work as a mechanical design consultant for a robotic startup in India

I’m currently working on building a automated guided vehicle for the company

Collaborizm community helped me to learn so much about robotics ,design art etc and I am able to apply all this knowledge to develop Product and able to manage from sketching to making a final product

Yes there are risk involved working in startups ,but it is way much better than working in 9 to 5 jobs

Now my future goal is to get into IIT in industrial design and I am working hard to build a great portfolio with help of collaborizm to convince them I have a the potential to work with them

Thank you collaborizm for providing the helping hand ,I am so greatful to you guys


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