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I have a few ideas to implement the robot scanning mechanism:

  1. Use four Ultrasonic sensors like the HC-SR04 in four directions, preferably on the edge of the chassis.

  2. Use a very low speed motor for the wheels of the robot. We need it to be slow because we need to measure the entire room

  3. Place the robot in one corner of the room. Note down the circumference of the wheel of the robot. Now by slowly moving the robot unit circumference steps forward, we know the exact distance by which the robot has moved in the forward direction.

Lets say we are building a simple black and white pixel map in a JPG file. Put one black pixel on the start position i.e. the corner of the room. As the robot moves forward, distance increases, scale that distance to pixels in the JPG. Now when it is really close ~5cm to an obstacle, put a black dot on the JPG. Do this for all the 4 ultrasonic sensors in all directions.

  1. When it completes one run in the forward direction, turn it 90 degrees, move a little, record that distance, turn 90 degrees again, and make a run in the other direction. Record similarly

  2. This method may take a lot of time to scan a room, but it can be implemented completely by a program with little manual efforts.

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