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Thankyou Everyone For your Support

A very big thanks to collaborizm. Really very happy to know Steven Reubenstone personally, A great motivator.
I remember going around my college Hostel with the strength of 1400 Students 4 years, to find someone like minded who could support a team to build Robots and Gadgets…!! With a college worth a great name and with a total strength of 12000 Engineering students I did not get a right match to work along with me.Everyone needs a job and nothing else. Forming a Team at college was a challenge, People form a team for Theaters, Party, Travels, Girls but not on Innovation and Technology. I would be seen a weird creature practicing learning.

Trust Me…!! If you have a dream, A desire about your dream, No one could stop you. Started my First Startup, #FAILED , Then my Second #FAILEDAGAIN,Had to shut it down even before the company was registered with a great Loss of Money, Health, Efforts, Everything It was time of Placements where every person in class would attend the interviews where i again keep making Robots and will be playing with youtube and Electronics.

Unlike Any other Indian Parents, They wanted their son to be Placed at a TOP MNC to make sure they make their name proud in front of all others, but wouldn’t think of what is really needed. Few days of Depressions, Then Few Months, Again a vision popped up. Why not Try Again, This time with More Focus, Efforts, Works, But this time with a very less Finance, Marginal support from parents which weights less than the Negative Flow of Energy.
Sciencotonic was Born.

This Time with More Focus, Solving my problem during my college. Engineering is a Research which is meant for students to “Build” and Develop a Product. But Here at India, with Majority Youth Populations as Engineers are made only to get a Job at IT Industry to work for decent monthly wages with lots of close minded people.
This is not ever going to change, A change in Education is always great ways to change the country when I tell this - I could Hear a buzz from Home - “you are not responsible for the Change - Move Along the System”. Isn’t it a shame just commenting and Complaints?

Time 4 me to get on Stage, To get a lot of Hard Talks, A lot of Negative Thoughts of people, Amidst them, I could find a lot of people who came by Steven Reubenstone John Baptist Rodrigues Abhi Verma Harsha Alva VijayaKumar Sethuraman Riddhi Ankit Shah and AJ (Not in FB)

I really could see your Hard work at Collaborizm, Your Innovations, Your Support, which makes me feel people like me are working more than me. It supports me to work more. And great Thanks to Collaborim and Team, Especially to Steven Reubenstone who keeps motivating me with something from collaborizm to help me build my Dreams.

I Dream to Accomplish, An Accomplishment of Every school kid to be an Innovator, Age is not a bar, it’s a Motivation, My dream behind @Sciencotonic will be bubbled till I reach a extend when a 5th-grade student is an Innovator with IP. Books and Marks play a role on learning but more than Learning they split the Minds as Two. Time For A Change,
Sciencotonic is something which is close to ma heart, It’s not a business, It’s For a change, A change in Millions Out There For a Better Life and Living. This time Am Unstoppable, In spite of Rejections, A complete Dark and Negative Energy - I’ve learned to look for a Light from great people with works.

Thankyou Everyone For the Support, All Tagged in Past and in future who is gonna Help. Thankyou. #fail

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Steven Reubenstone
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Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things. Community Moderator.
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love this post

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you are also a good motivator and kIU

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