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PID the ultimate Balance

Humans can balance very efficiently , there analysis as well as corrective measures are very sensitive
More over the balancing system is uniquely supported by unlimited sensing systems . Vision feelings eardrum fluids , and some fluids in the skull.
We can not reach this level Even if we try.
But yet we can reach some levels as now sensor technology as well as single board computers are available at affordable cost.
But more important factor is the Software that supports dynamic balance.
The module GY80 10 DOF MPU can provide the following data
dsiplacement in real time for
x axis , y axis z axis
in tilt , magnetic direction , displacement from the origin , altitude and temperature.
Then we need a computer board
Adrunio Family
Rasperri Pi
&& others
The major part of this software Known as PID is reading the sensor value , and then maintain zero level by sending the signals to the motor drives to compensate the displacement and get the platform to position 0.00 coordinates

What is PID ?
A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller) is a control loop feedback mechanism (controller) commonly used in industrial control systems.

Writing a software that may handle multiple displacement corrections is the ART
it is not a one mans show How ever it is not a very expensive Project either
One ardunio UNO
One GY80 10dof module
6 mini servos
and home built platform with simple soft wooden strips .
Once the balance level is achieved This software will be capable of holding any robotic platform
balanced. can be a copter , a self balancing robot , a humanoid , Or a Cam stabaliser.
Just like shugar is the mother of All sweets
PID is the mother of All robots.
Let the light Begin

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