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Collaborizm Projects of the Week: Home Automation & Smart Wheelchair

Home Automation:


The objective of Vraj’s project is to automate a room in as many ways as is possible, at a modest cost. Vraj, who is an advanced electrical engineering student, is a roboticist who like most roboticists is skilled in many technical areas, including programming, Arduino, bascom & avr & micro-controllers.

There are 38 members in this project and Vray identified some ideas he has for the project, such as: automating main doors which would be controlled by biometric fingerprints using Arduino or AVR microcontrollers, automating wardrobes and curtains so that they can controlled by gestures and according to weather conditions (e.g., curtains open when it’s sunny).

The contributions made by teammates are thoughtful and sophisticated, ranging from recommendations to include speech recognition to control appliances, a system which changes room lighting according to the occupant’s mood, one teammate who offered to build an Android app to manage all of technology, and an IoT door camera that identifies someone at the front door and announces their name to the occupants of the home (ioT doorbell!).

The passion and excitement of everyone in this project is plain to see and we would not be surprised to see the team achieve great innovations in home automation. We would also not be surprised to see people make new friends with whom they can continue to share knowledge — and have fun together while doing so — as a result of working together on this project.

Smart Wheelchair


Syed wants to design a wheelchair which is voice controlled, avoids obstacles and even identifies the fastest route from Point A to Point B. There are 17 members and one of them, Shrey Fadia, not only made a prototype of a smart wheelchair but he also posted a great video for his teammates to see! Syed inspires his teammates by conveying his excitement and determination to push his idea forward: “Hello guys I am officially starting to make the wheelchair and start its coding etc. First of all I am gonna start working an obstacle avoiding system… Members must help plzzz. I am going to use arduino platform for this.”

Syed is a strong Project Leader. He not only inspires his teammates, but he also makes sure everyone understands what his objective is, stating: “So I think I have made myself clear about what I am going to make. I have mentioned everything in the STORY section, but if anyone (has a) problem understanding, please ask…” Moreover, he formally thanks new teammates for joining his project and offering to help him.

Touche, Syed, well done. We commend Syed for being motivated to design an improved wheelchair which will give people that need them much greater independence and greatly improve the user experience.

— Steve R.

Founder & CEO

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