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The Arduino Space Glider Hits a Milestone

Remember the movie, October Sky, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper? If you haven’t seen October Sky, you’re really missing out because that movie was amazing — it made you laugh, cry, gasp, and most importantly, it made you wonder.

The story is set in a poor coal mining town in West Virginia and chronicles the trials and tribulations of a group of young boys who aspire to “make it out” of their poor town by trying to win science scholarships to college. The boys, lead by Jake Gyllenhaal’s character — Homer — build homemade rockets and tirelessly attempt to build one that will actually go vertically airborne for more than two seconds and not blow up. After about one hundred tries, it finally happens, and the boys receive scholarships to college, enabling them to rise above their supposedly predetermined life paths of becoming coal miners.

The reason I bring up this movie is because, as I said above, it makes you wonder “what if I could do something like that too?”. The message of that movie — that anything is possible — closely resembles the passion encompassed in the Collaborizm project entitled, Space Glider. This project is an Arduino-powered space glider made to take pictures of the earth. With funding from the Collaborizm Innovator Fund, the team — led by sheikh azam — is now creating an android app to control the glider.

On the left, is a preliminary sketch of the glider. On the right is the first physical prototype. It may not look like a lot (and excuse the flowered table cloth), but that’s an actual piece of hardware that could be put into space, and was created by a team of people who live no where near one another — that’s the beauty of a virtual workspace.

What is most incredible is that once the project is complete, you will be able to see what the glider is recording from the comfort of your home since the feed will be live.

So you can wear this:

To watch this:

Not bad, eh?

Ali Stone

Great writing by Ali Stone! Great piece!

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Ali Stone This is one of the fantastic post I have ever seen on collaborizm… Thank you, :) One thing that I want to clear here is that we are not going to live stream the video of space which glider records but we will be streaming the positioning of glider and its status… Lter we will post video for you to enjoy . :D

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