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Anurag Vasanwala Still hoping I can persuade you to get involved in our community. What’s unique about our community is that we have many aspiring makers-engineers & hackers from India and other emerging markets who are siloed and are exceptionally eager to meet people who can mentor them like you. I am excited to report that John Shovic, another experienced maker and the CTO of a tech company called SwitchDoc Labs (which makes electronics and other equipment for makers), who I also met in that Google+ maker-hacker group, just started a project called SolarKit Extender for OurWeather (https://www.collaborizm.com/project/r1gFAKba).

Anurag, by participating even in a small way in our community, you will not only quickly develop a following among talented young makes and engineers but you will also develop credentials as a mentor-teacher, which we will profile on our homepage, in our blogs and in social media (and we have 170,000 Facebook followers!).

Please let me know if I can count on you to participate even in a minor way, or just occasionally. (Note that aside from Starting or Joining a Project, you can mentor in a project, or provide a tutorial about something that you think the community would enjoy learning about, both of which I know you are more than capable of doing!)
Oh, and by participating you are also helping Collaborizm… as we try to break out of the earth’s atmosphere! (:

Thanks, Rick

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