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I believe that if the EQUITY CROWDFUNDING sector is ever going to reach it’s full potential the following few aspects/factors must be included. The vast majority of the dozens of ‘equity’ CROWD FUNDING websites/platforms that are coming ‘on line’ out there are like most of the hundreds of others which have a business model that cater for the most part to either ‘start ups’ of a ‘cyber’ nature &/or ones that offer products/services of a ‘physical’ nature, thereby leaving out a lot of ‘start ups’ in a host of other various money making sectors that don’t necessarily fall into one of the two main categories of ‘START UPS’, such as ANY legal money making venture/project in every sector imaginable!!!
It was while I was reading about the proliferation of a variety of ‘crowd sourced’ type programs of all kinds, which use the WILLING help & ideas of thousands of people(who weren’t getting paid anything) to solve problems or create ‘solutions’ to a vast array of ‘projects’ in all sectors of society, that I got the idea for the premise of a new kind of CF ‘equity’ website/platform that would be based on this same principle but where those who participated in the ‘crowd sourcing’ of a project would also be ‘partners’/‘co-founders’/investors in it as well!!!
I believe that if people were willing to spend their time, effort & knowledge ‘crowd sourcing’ projects that they wouldn’t benefit from in any material way, what would they be willing to do if they had the chance to ‘crowd source’ an idea(either their own or someone else’s that they liked) that they liked and THAT THEY COULD BE ‘PARTNERS’ IN from the ‘idea’ stage right on through to both it’s implementation into the ‘marketplace’ and on thru to its continuing operation on a day to day basis, WITH ALL–or as much as possible of it-- DONE VIA THE INTERNET, by utilizing a UNIQUE VOTING SYSTEM where EVERYTHING relative to its total success will be voted on by all of the members—including voting on the team members who will eventually be responsible for the ‘physical’ aspects of running the day to day ‘physical’ aspects of the business(all members can submit their resume to be a ‘team member’ which will be voted on by all members).
In other words, I propose a CF website/platform where anybody with an idea for any legal money making venture OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER as alluded to above can post it on the website with both the amount of equity that he/she is willing to give up to have others help make it a success, & the total amount of money that must be raised to get the venture out in the ‘marketplace’, as well as the
necessary ‘skill-sets’ that will be required, and if there are enough people out there who are willing to put up the time/money/‘sweat equity’ to try and make it a success AS A TEAM(but will also accept money from those who don’t want to invest in the venture, but simply want to donate money for various ‘perks’ related to it like they do on other websites that don’t offer equity in their ventures), they then ‘build it’ as if it were a normal ‘start up’ using the unique methods that they must devise in order to successfully do all of this via the internet.
I realize that in order for this CF premise to work that it will take a lot of innovative ‘out-of-the-box’ type of thinking to work out all of the multiple details that will be required to make it work successfully(and not dismissing the possibility of making it a hybrid type of ‘syndicate’ platform–to circumvent any type of possible legal issues that may arise) where all ‘members’ can buy equity–&/or use ‘sweat equity’–in all of the various ventures)—but if it can LEGALLY & LOGISTICALLY be done, it would OPEN UP VAST NEW POSSIBILITIES IN THE CF SECTOR, as it opens up a lot of investment possibilities that nobody else is even thinking about funding(i.e., any LEGAL money making venture!!!)which means that now anyone can be a startup founder &/or partner &/or investor in a venture that they are really passionate about, WHICH IS SOMETHING THAT NOBODY ELSE IS OFFERING THEM. You can see a description of both the proposed venture that I would like to CF in this manner, as well as a brief idea of how I would like to do it, at:Discount Convenience Stores(http://discounstores.weebly.com).

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