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I believe that we are all capable of becoming one powerful force of energy if we can only channel our frequency and synchronize all our consciousness into one specific thought at exactly the same time, altruism can restore this planet, though negativity on the other hand, if not contained, will give birth to a massive blackhole. Sound crazy right? I’ve predicted a series of inventions before they were even available anywhere, forecasted a disastrous earthquake just days before it actually occured in Taiwan.
I’ve been sharing some of these thoughts to a few colleagues though i could tell, only a few of them really took my visions seriously, some of you reading this may think i’m going bananas already, i cant blame you, though hear me out, i don’t think i’m more advance in any particular field, i also don’t think this is something you’re able to acquire during birth too… Looking back as how it is back then when inventors are mostly painters or visual artists, i think being under the circumstance where we can only let creativity really flow through us and manifest naturally,and the only way to understand that these questions we ask into the vast subliminal consciousness of everyone may or may not directly land to the same person when answered . That is why we have to be really focused in achieving one common goal…

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