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John Cinquina
Entrepreneur, International Brand Strategist, Author, Co-Founder BeautyPro
· New York City, NY, United States

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John Rodrigues
Product and Experience Designer |Entrepreneur |Founder of D&D SmartLabs| Designwithjohn.com
· Philadelphia, PA, USA


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Deleted User
Deleted but not forgotten
· Centaurus A
  • In signup, for picking skin type, would be helpful to have some indication that you can select more than one (I only discovered this by accident because I had to manually X out of that question whereas the others defaulted me back to the main questions page after I made my one choice).

  • In signup, add multi-select functionality for hair type. For example, mine is curly AND dry. I can’t select both of those.

  • After signup, I wasn’t sure what I was expected to do. I may have inadvertently
    Skipped the welcome screen with an intro but I shouldn’t have been able to do that! And now I can’t go back to it.

  • That said, as a product designer myself, I always strive to not need tutorials — your product should speak for itself and stand on its own.

  • Another user mentioned this, but the icons for Discover, Feed, Lists, and Profile make zero sense. You’re better off without them entirely and you can free up some screen space.

  • On the lists page, the helper text is good but would also be smart to add a plus button right there that redirects you to the products part of the app instead of asking you to navigate there by yourself to add products. Sort of closes the loop on that point. Also would be great if you could just search for and list them out (not so much for the wishlist but definitely for the existing products since that isn’t a discovery thing but just adding to the app what you already own/use).

  • Speaking of “My Products” - what is the purpose of me adding my existing lineup? What do I get out of that as a user?

  • When you click “Profile” at the bottom, it didn’t bring me to my profile. It brought me to my notifications page and then there’s another button to View Profile. This is confusing and misleading. Either add another navigation tab for notifications or rename that one.

  • Edit profile is hidden in settings and wasn’t accessible from my profile itself. Took me a while to find it - might want to add an edit icon to the profile itself so you can quickly adjust right from there.

  • This is a small UI thing, but in settings, the line beneath “logout” at the bottom signaled to me that there was another item beneath it, so I kept trying to scroll (which was fruitless).

  • Logout - I’d add a confirmation question after clicking that button that asks “are you sure” because I was just exploring and expected a double-ask but was just booted out!

  • I couldn’t log back in because there’s no log-in with Facebook, just sign-up with Facebook. So I can’t give more feedback now!

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Areous Ahmadtj
· Jos, Plateau, Nigeria
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