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I love this project because your innovation will help the blind. It reminds me of a blog I just read on Medium: Become An Inventor for Public Good (modified title) http://buff.ly/2bezVuP

Great idea and great teamwork!

Allow me to help by providing some suggested grammatical corrections to some of the wording in the project.

  1. Instead of “Navigation for Blind” --> “Navigation for the Blind”
  2. Instead of “lets make a maps app for blind and make them wander around freely” -> “Let’s make a maps app for the blind to allow them to wander around freely”
  3. Instead of “Everyday blind face great challenges wandering around.” --> “Every day the blind face great challenges wandering around freely”
  4. Under Project Overview: Instead of “will assist a person with visual impairment to navigate around with a bit more confident.” --> “visual impairment to navigate around more confidently.”
  5. Under Current Task in Progress Instead of “The project has no clear face yet, clear bounds and limitations for the project are yet to be determined.” —> I do not have a grammatical suggestion here but the Project Leader needs to identify the “micro-tasks” (each task) that needs to be done to complete the project.
Nouman Tahir
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Thanks mate, these are really great suggestions, I am a native English speaker so I was really hard for me to come up with perfect words…

as for the Current Task, its outdated and I will edit it for sure.

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