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A Brand New Opportunity to Rebuild what You Truly Want.

Stories are essential. But how do you come up with it and put them together ? What do we got to do initially?

What we need to build good story for the game is to go step by step.
1. To create a world.
When you have a setup you have a guidelines for the characters background. Think hard about this step, and the rest will be much easier.

2. Creating the characters
A good character is one when someone can relate to it. Their story is important, specially their goal. Their emotions, strength, weaknesses, friends, enemies, likes, dislikes and so on. Just like us.
The events and environments shape a character, and this in turn determines their personality.

3. Writing the story-line
Take star war, game of thrones, harry potter, lord of the rings, any of your favorite shows and think about them. We know the characters, we can relate to them, we see their flaws, strength, battles and their rise. The events that shape the course of history. Theses events should be mapped out.

4. Write the game story
Is it simple to understand? Can they pick up on the story later on even if they miss some lines?
Simple checklist will help us understand how the game story should follow.

5. Make the story board
On how it should look on screen. Draw!

Game like god of war and others are atleast developed with team of 40 people or more.


So let’s put on our creative gear and have fun

We all work together. Like a big family. 😃🎉📖

Let’s be creative together

Avita Celestine D'Souza

Avita has been a great help and a great friend who is always coming up with fantastic ideas and is a true inspiration. Keep it up girl!

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