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#Brainstorming n
#Feedback …on Collaborizm Gamification and Achievements by Nouman Tahir
…i am assuming this…
Gamification: motivation as well as Quality/Expert-ism management…
Achievements: Real Time Skill contributions…

  1. <Where Am I Now> + <How Far Am I From Next Milestone (Award/Medal…)>
    This will not only reflect the present skill level and necessary actions to be taken to achieve more… extra motivation i guess…

  2. Achievement/Contribution Measurement:
    Amazing ideas indeed… almost exhaustive… more than enough to start with i guess…
    Quantitative Analysis (deciding in turns of Upvotes, Likes, Favours, “+”… some simpler Qualitative measurements… like Counting Thanks (already pointed out)… or Thematic analysis of overall Importance of some Contribution… (may be in future…)
    …in summary, Quantitative analysis will make implementation easier… and Qualitative will make it Reliable and Valid (Our Tool will work as Intented, otherwise it might not… )

  3. About Skill Ranks:
    I like the concept very much… i think incorporating all Three modes will be good reflection…
    First: What the Member Thinks about him/her Skills
    Second: What Other Think
    Third: What the Meter of Collaborizm Verifies
    One Unified Graphic Tool… reflecting All the Skills and there Three (First,Second,Third) Ratings in Graphic Comparison. Just in a glimpse one can verify Skills…

4. Making the Tools Reliable, Valid and Evidence Based (Making it Scientific)

Using some Statistical Tools to make Collaborizm Skill Ranking Evidence Based… regular (may be monthly basis…) . Doing so will make Collaborizm Rating as Trusted Standard… which can be utilized in many other growth possibilities…

  1. Implementing Methods of Collaboration that will enhance the Quality of Projects, like Tools recommended by Crowd Wisdom/Intelligence Philosophy…

  2. Technical and Ethical Guidelines… (for example a Mentor might need to be more tolerant and show unconditional positive regards all the time… etc… )


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Award Contribution
Nouman Tahir
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@Bi Sh, Thanks thats realy an awesome feedback.

About your assumption, I think Gamification reflects to something that make things more engaging and Achievements are Ranks and Trophies you earn. I am not an English expert though.

If collaborizm is looking into monetizing itself, implementing some of these ideas might help them make a monetization model later.

Cynthia Artin
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Incentives rock!

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