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Sai Prasad
Software Dev :) Let's build some dream ideas.
· Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Deployment of EpsumThings on field

I’m really excited to share successful deployment of EpsumThings on field in a village at Bargarh Road, Odisha.

The problem statement :
Government of Odisha had installed Solar powered pumps in various locations of Odisha to deliver drinking water to the localites. The water was previously delivered using borewells. But due to the increasing depth of water, government installed Solar powered pumps to pull the water from ground, independent of Grid electricity supply.

The problem here was the installation was done by many different companies so it was almost impossible, remotely to identify which company installed which pump and who to maintain in the event of fault. So to diagnose the issue one has to come to the location and contact the company who installed the pump which is both time and money consuming task.

The solution

So to solve this is problem we at Epsum Labs developed a system (both hardware and software) which can easily identify and maintain records on who installed a particular system. Apart from that, our hardware monitors data such as currents flowing through the motor (3 phase Motor) Light intensity, panel voltage, water level which are all powered by the same solar panel installed on site using power supply circuit we developed, without any external power source.
With the help of these parameters, one can not only identify the system vendor but also help authorized personnel to diagnose the issue on why did a particular fault occur…

For instance, let’s assume, it’s been detected that a particular system is faulty… with the help of our solution, one can pull out all the parameters in EpsumThings panel. Now to start with, one can view whether there is enough sun light available or not with the help of Light intensity parameter. And then one can see whether motor is getting enough current to pull up water from the ground in each phase individually and so on. This helps the technical person to pinpoint the exact issue.

We tried (keep on trying) to make EpsumThings IoT as easy as possible for the user and make it an Industry standard which can be used to develop IoT enabled systems with a few button clicks.

We are trying to bring our IoT products (hardware and software) to life and to masses at a low cost. As a proof of concept we deployed the platform in the above project…

We are seeking funds to push the project even further and for large scale production of both hardware and software. @Community we need your help!

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Sai Prasad

Great work Sai and team

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Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things. Collaborizm Roundtable.
· New York, NY, USA

any progress or updates sai on what i had been saying?

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Sai Prasad
Software Dev :) Let's build some dream ideas.
· Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Steven Reubenstone below are the details. Please let me know if any more information is needed.

“Stand out from the crowd” in the sense, we are implementing features such as Cross platform integration ie., compatibility with other IoT platforms, both REST and MQTT support to name some, along with software SDKs to make developers easier to integrate with different programming languages.

We tried out different IoT platforms which are commercially available before developing EpsumThings. There are some difficulties which we faced they are :

  • Understanding the platform: The platform was no doubt a commercial one but in the beginning, they were bit confusing and the set up was not straightforward. So people with little or no experience with IoT before can easily get lost.

  • Unpredictable pricing - When a user thinks of taking a service from a third party, the first thing that comes to mind is pricing. With some platforms the pricing is high or unpredictable i.e., charging money for per-hit basis and bill is generated according to the accumulated amount after the usage (Post-paid). So this incurs unwanted charges to the user without the user knowledge. In commercial cases this may cause unpredictable projected cost of the project.

These are the issues which EpsumThings addresses along with them, the following are the features which makes Users experience smooth

  • Easy custom modules creation with simple predefined-json definition or for beginners module builder is available.
  • Predefined modules
  • EpsumThings Android App(Currently available on playstore iOS to be launched soon)
  • Both MQTT and REST-API enabled
  • Can be used as backend database indirectly.
  • OAuth Like applications with token validity to avoid unauthorised operation
  • Cross platform integration (Integration with other IoT services/platform)
  • Free and paid user types with prepaid service for predictable pricing with Credits based pricing system
  • Custom unique routes for Organisational usage isolated from general public users
  • Pre-built SDKs in serveral languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and counting…

We are in beta testing stage with our platform hosted on heroku (staging), accessible to limited and trusted users (Friends and acquaintances, Collaborizm comumunity) to identify potential bugs and improving the platform.

Our target customers would be Developers, Manufacturers, Students, hobbiysts, Enthusiasts and people who want to get into IoT for the first time.

Answering the question about the payment for the system mentioned in the post…
The system is deployed on a pilot run basis and the setup was of 16000 INR which is around 249 USD.

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Steven Reubenstone
Mechanical Engineer & Tinkerer of Things. Collaborizm Roundtable.
· New York, NY, USA

Sai can you show us how the sensor works atleast on the outside

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