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The 2D RPG Game Pushes Forward. 🏆

Gamers everywhere remember the video games, Super Mario Brothers and Contra, because they immersed you in their fantasy worlds by throwing tons of in-game hazards at the players (need I mention Bowser?), and required players to complete specific tasks to make it to the next level. You might notice that I never mentioned that these games had especially amazing graphics, because they did not — see below — but that didn’t stop Super Mario Brothers from becoming the best-selling game of all time for a single platform for almost three decades…

The State of Gaming Today

Last I heard, video games were supposed to provide some form of interactive entertainment between a player and his/her computer screen/tv/what have you. Recently though, video games have become less about playing and more about looking; developers of today’s most recent games focus too much on making games look pretty instead of creating games that are actually fun to play. That is why Elvis Rozario took it upon himself to create a game that is visually pleasing, but more importantly, fun to play.

The Future

A programmer and gamer himself, Elvis’ vision is to create a 2D rogue-like video game similar to The Binding of Isaac on Steam, and he is doing so by leveraging the Collaborizm community. The project currently has seven members, each working on the game’s development and design. Below are actually two possible character designs.

A rogue-like game is not complete without tile-based graphics, which allow developers to “create large, complex gameworlds efficiently and with relatively few art assets” (Wikipedia). The team is already on its third iteration of their tile-based graphics which you can see here:

The Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest developments in the gaming world right now is the Nintendo Switch, the seventh gaming console released by Nintendo. With experts predicting that indie game developers will be using Nintendo Switch, it seems like a no-brainer for Elvis and his team to port their video game over to this console.

The Takeaway

Yes, this game still has a ways to go before we can actually play it, but why not join the project so that you can give your own ideas on how to create the best 2D rogue-like game. Elvis, the project leader, is looking for programmers, designers, musicians, and thinkers —If you’re reading this blog, I’d say you probably fit one of those categories.
That’s all for now. Game on! 🎉🎉🎉

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I believe this game will be as relivant as super mario has been to gamers for ages past. Some of the most played games are the simple ones. Thanks Ali stone happy you think we can do this

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Are you using unity for game?

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Naman Sisodia Indeed we are!

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