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Anna Gannon
· New York City, NY, United States

Patent Question

I’m Anna Gannon, an Entrepreneur in New York City. I’m creating a device that will be a lifestyle brand in the pet tech space. The device will enable users to pick up dog waste in biodegradable/compostable bags, self-close the bags and eject the bags into designated recyclable/compostable bins. While the functionality of the device is of primary importance, the design is also key.

I would like advice on how important getting either or both a utility or design patent is before going to market or is being the first market disruptor more valuable? Is it advisable to just launch ASAP with the first MVP and let the idea disseminate before the product is perfected?

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Howard Steinberg

i get the dilemma, but just can’t effectively​ answer based on the information herein. Certainly makes sense to start provisional/utility patent process as it will take 18 mos, continue to perfect product and then do some consumer research just using mock-up art to begin to understand consumer demand/reaction to concept and help you size market. I’m intrigued by the concept and interested in helping if I can. ​​​

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Nasser Ugoji
IT Engineer
· Lagos, Nigeria

Comments ON Waste disposal Intellectual Property Invention
“Intellectual Property Is a Form of property Just like Real Estate Or Stocks. It is not Your Right to ensure that nobody else builds something like what you have built. It is not Your Right to profit from all manifestations, generations AND services that are remotely connected with the invention. Those are the traits of Tyrants, Dictators AND Bankrupted Treasury Looters”.

{[+] Library of Congress is the custodian of Inventions

[???] What constitutes a Truly novell cultural practice?
[+] Is it the genius that transcends The Mind of the creator AND allows it to spread over decades OR a century?
[+] Is it the Ideal nature of The Principles that constitute THE Idea?
[+] Is it the universal language that enables it synthesize the opposing knowledge into more mutually benefical processes to meet the expectations of ALL stakeholders?

Thus, for Example, under Federal law, a patent for a useful infention will last for only twenty years from the date of application for the patent is filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO). After that period of time, the patent expires and anyone is free to produce and sell the product

Integrating OTHERS Intellectual Property to build a composite product OR to construct Your business within the External Environment.
{Example } : If you have purchased a John Grisham book you are allowed to sell your copy but not to mass produce it.

For Contacts to Professional Consultants who may help in advice:
In The USA, State by State Intellectual Property Consultants and experts along with their contacts can be explored AT www.ipstars.com

Nasser Ugoji
SoftWorld | [email protected] | www.softworld.co | +2348178882017

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Muhamed Hegazy
Nuclear Chemical Engineer
· Cairo, Egypt

take your time test it once twice and several times consider long term malfunctions rerun the tests ask some professionals about a suitable design apply finally if you feel that you have achieved it , go live

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