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Narendran Ashok
Founder Sciencotonic Edu Pvt Ltd
· Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

First Product from Sciencotonic - Edison Tool Box

Firstly a Special Thanks Steven Reubenstone , I should extend a very big tanx to him in spite of myself being very late on responding to him for every help he does.

Steven Reubenstone you know what, its quite hard for a team of 3 people without much of a financial background to create something from scratch. Its really hard working for a long time continues without any income, changing business models and plans considering finance and other aspects. I hope you would understand.

Edison Tool box - Robokid Series

This box contains nearly 45 different tools for anyone who does not have knowledge on power electronics can get started. I have considered the High school syllabus of what kids learn during their school and then made the curriculum.

This toolbox will be added with nearly 70 videos which teaches kid from the basics of electronics to more updated versions of gadget. We don’t teach subject but we teach the tools and its the creativity of the kid which we wanted to bring out.

Every week a new set of videos will be released which will guide the student on building a gadget, what science is involved on it, How it works and then what all different gadget the kid can try using that concept he has learnt.

Delivery mechanism: Presently we don’t have a learning management system, but the whole of the Webapp is outsourced and i hope soon it will be released. Currently we have planned to update it on YouTube under private access and soon migrate it to my app once its complete.

Which stage are we in? Whats my Idea?

Robokid series has nearly 4 different toolbox.


Beginner toolkit is Edison box where we have literally all the basics of electronics starting from voltage dividers, series and parallel, circuit analysis, Timers, Introduction to sensors etc.

next series of boxes will be released asap.

So there are three set of people.

  1. People who cannot afford
  2. People who can afford but need lots of answeres
  3. People who don’t wanted the product.

Initially marketing my product, on facebook will be economic for me. In next few months i have planned a sales team to market the schools.

Narendran Ashok

Great work by Narendran and his team… very well thought product

Narendran Ashok

awesome energy on things.

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Narendran Ashok
Founder Sciencotonic Edu Pvt Ltd
· Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Thankyou areous

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Jibin Lukose
Student / Entrepreneur
· Thrissur, Kerala, India

Nice Work. Could you share on the contents inside the different boxes(models) ?

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VijayaKumar Sethuraman
Co-founder Sciencotonic
· Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Jibin Lukose
Sl.no Materials Quantity
1 DC Toy Motor 2
2 Switch 4
3 9V Battery 1
4 Rechargeable Battery 1
5 Single Strand Wire 1
6 Male 2 Male Connector 6
7 Male 2 Female Connector 6
8 Female 2 Female Connector 6
9 Toy Propeller 2
10 High Power LED with Heat Sink 4
11 10K Pot 4
12 USB Male Connector 1
13 USB Female Connector 1
14 LDR Module 1
15 7805 Voltage regulator 4
16 AND Gate 1
17 7404 NOT Gate 1
18 555 Timer IC 3
19 Relay 1
20 Piezo Buzzer 3
21 Transistor(bc148 or 2n222) 4
22 IR Sensor 2
23 PIR Module 1
24 500 RPM Motor 1
25 Gas Leak Detector 1
26 Reed Switch 1
27 BCD Display 5
28 Diode (1N4007) 5
29 Soldiering Iron 1
30 Lead Paste 1
31 220V/12V Transformer 1
32 Tester 1
33 Bread Board 1
34 Dot Board 1
35 Capacitor 3
36 Multimeter 1
37 Battery Connector 4
38 Resistor Box 1
39 Gloves 1
40 Wire stripper 1
41 Insulation Tape 1
42 Two Pin Gauge wire 1
43 Charging Port 1
44 Thermistor 1
45 OR Gate 1
46 Soldiering LED 1
47 LED 5

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